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   The purpose of this document is to give you a brief overview of PC Colorado, Inc.

    PC COLORADO is devoted to providing top-notch computer solutions to individuals and small businesses at a price that everyone can afford.  PC COLORADO started operation August of 2004.  We have grown in size to where our   customer base is over 800.  Approximately 80-90% of our customers are small to medium sized business, Fortune 500 companies and professional practices such as doctors, dentist, chiropractors, attorneys, etc.   

   PC COLORADO provides services in most areas of the IT field including but not limited to the following:

   Flashing Button    Sales, installations, repair and maintenance of servers

      Flashing Button    Sales, repairs, upgrades and maintenance of personal computer workstations/computers

     Flashing Button       Network administration, problem solving and network security administration

     Flashing Button   Maintenance agreements

      Flashing Button    Wiring/cabling installations and repair

      Flashing Button  Remote/telephone support

     Flashing Button   An email support line support@pccolorado.com that allows customers to ask questions, or request service.  This support line is monitored regularly during business hours.

     Flashing Button    An after-hours hot line (719-475-0002) to provide support and service for an emergency or for a time when our office is closed.  

   Our primary service area is Metropolitan Colorado Springs.  However, we can provide service along the Front Range from South Denver to Pueblo.

   To see in greater detail how PC Colorado can help your business, click on this link. 

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   You may reach us by any of the following methods:
   Email:   inquiries@pccolorado.com
   Telephone:     719-475-0255       Fax: 719-475-0607
   Mailing Address:    PC Colorado, 1725 N. Weber Street, Colorado Springs, CO  80907-7503

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