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Things to consider BEFORE you upgrade to Windows 10.

  • Run the upgrade assistant
  • Will all of your hardware work with it.
  • Will all of your software work with it.
  • Back up all data and software keys

Featured Solution

PC Colorado can sign on to your computer remotely so we can see what problems you are experiencing. This can save you money and time since we can instantly sign on to your computer and see what the problem is.  The means you do not have to wait for an on-site service call plus the cost is just a fraction of what it would cost to have us come out.
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PC Colorado, Inc.

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  Welcome To PC Colorado!
                          Providing computer solutions at an affordable price

 PC Colorado's services include computer and server sales, installation, maintenance and repair.  We also can install cabling, provide phone/remote support , software and hardware sales, in-shop repairs, and on-site service calls. 
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PC Colorado can save you time and


We can help get your computer, server or network up and running quickly.

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Computer services available

Professional home and business service for laptops, desktops, servers, networks, software, and hardware.

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Hundreds of satisfied clients.

Our customers can be found in most areas of businesses including doctors, dentists, attorneys, retailers, recyclers, manufacturers, business services and realtors.


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