PC Colorado has developed several ways a customer can request help with a computer, server, network, software or hardware problem.


  • You may call our main office during regular business hours between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday Thru Friday to request help or set up an appointment.

  • You may call our on-call tech phone for help from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM Monday through Friday and on weekends and holidays.

  • (NOTE: after hours support is billed at a higher rate.  If your problem can wait until he next business day you can save money doing so).

  • If you have access to a computer you can send an email to support@pccolorado.com explaining your problem and what computers/servers are affected.  This support email address is monitored constantly by our staff during regular business hours.  This should allow us to provide quicker response time and even solve your problem at a lower cost than sending a tech on-site. The tech taking the call or viewing the email will contact you and after talking with you will decide the best way to help with your problem.  It may include remote support by signing on to your computer to view the problem.  It may also involve scheduling an appointment for a tech to come to your location.  To save you money, the tech might suggest it you drop off your computer at our office.

  •  If our technician cannot figure out the problem from your description, then he will ask you to install a software program called "TeamViewer".  This will allow us to sign on to your computer, with your permission, to view exactly what your problem is and either solve the problem or make an appointment for a service call.                                                        

  • OPEN THE DOOR TO SAVINGS using Remote Control support from PC Colorado !            

  • To activate a TeamViewer session, you must first install "TeamViewer" on you computer.  You may do so by clicking on the icon below to install this program on your computer.

    Remote Access and Support over the Internet with TeamViewer 
    A popup window will appear at the bottom of your screen.  Click on the "Run" button to allow access on your computer..

    After the program is initiated you will see a popup window with a session ID and password which you will need to give to our tech to allow access to your system.  We can then see the same thing you do and which will allow us to do troubleshooting and determine what can be done to restore your system to normal operation.  This tool allows us to do any or all of the following:

--Update your computer

--Run virus and malware scans

--Check system logs to search for any error messages

--Troubleshoot printer issues

--Determine why web pages are not opening

--Investigate software issues


In many instances, this process can save you the cost of a service call and save you money because we charge a much lower rate for remote support.

Once we are finished with our remote session you can press "Cancel" on the popup windows and our access to your system is terminated. 

Many times we can get you back up and running quickly with our remote support.         



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