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PC Colorado, Inc. offers a wide range of computer related services.  Listed below are just a few of the key areas we can offer our professional assistance for your personal computer or personal computer network needs whether it is at home or at your small business.

PC COLORADO provides services in most areas of the IT field including but not limited to the following:


        An email support line support@pccolorado.com that allows customers to ask questions, or request service.  This support line is monitored regularly during business hours.     

An after-hours hot line (719-475-0002) to provide support and service for an emergency or for a time when our office is closed.


Our primary service area is Metropolitan Colorado Springs.  However, we can provide service along the Front Range from South Denver to Pueblo

Don't take it out on your computer.  Call PC Colorado for help.              Hitting computer

PC Colorado, absolutely stands behind any repair it makes or any system it sells.  If a problem should arise, you will deal with us and us alone.  You don't have to worry about dealing with a foreign technician who can barely speak English.  You do not have to worry about your computer being sent to India, Taiwan or any other remote place on the planet like most of the bigger manufacturers are now doing.  We are based in Colorado Springs and we will never pass you off to some stranger.  You deal with us and us alone.  All work is supervised by A+ Certified Technicians.  If you have a Dell computer under warranty, a Dell technician will handle the repair at your location our in our shop.  All parts are backed by the manufacturers warranty.

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You may reach us by any of the following methods:
Email:   inquiries@pccolorado.com
Telephone:     719-475-0255       Fax: 719-475-0607
Mailing Address:    PC Colorado, 1725 N. Weber Street, Colorado Springs, CO  80907-7503

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